The Lazarus Machine


Crilley, Paul. The Lazarus Machine. New York: Prometheus Books, (2012).

ISBN: 978-1616146887, e-book, $7.69.

              Incorporating the ever-popular Sherlock storyline, The Lazarus Machine explores the workings of a government looking for more power that a seventeen-year-old young man is forced to investigate when his father is kidnapped. What is the government up to, and why did his father get mixed up in the mess?

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The Maze Runner


Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. New York: Random House, (2009).

ISBN: 978-0385737951, Paperback, $9.99.

               What if you found yourself in a strange place, not knowing your name or anything about your past? That’s what happened to Thomas. He woke up in an elevator, and when the doors opened he was greeted by a group of boys his age in the middle of a giant maze. These boys had already been searching for a way out, sending out the strongest to run the maze, but were unable to find an exit. Picking up clues and encountering vicious monsters, Thomas and the boys’ search becomes more frantic as they try to find out why they are in the maze, who they were before they got there, and what has happened to the rest of the world. Will they find there way through? Will the monsters that guard the maze catch them? What if you woke up one day and found yourself as the next Maze Runner?

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Attack on Titan: Volume 1


Isayama, Hajime. Attack on Titan, Vol.1 New York: Kodansha Comica, (2012).

ISBN: 978-1-61262-024-4, Paperback, $9.99.


For years, humanity has been living surrounded by walls to protect themselves from the monsters on the other side. During this time, soldiers have risked their lives going beyond the walls to learn how these monsters, these Titans, can be fought and eradicated so their people truly feel safe.


Despite their efforts, their home is ravaged, seemingly in seconds, and their hard work has gone in vain. Now, their friends and family are dying left and right; their homes in shambles.

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Riggs, Ransom. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Philadelphia: Quirk Books, 2011. Print.

ISBN: 978-1594746031; Paperback: $9.99

              What if you encountered something that wasn’t what it seemed? When Jacob’s grandfather suddenly dies, he is left with a confusing set of last words that lead him to an old World War II orphanage on a dreary-looking island in search for answers. However, everything Jacob’s grandfather ever told him about monsters, his family of orphans on the island, and sweet Miss Peregrine wasn’t exactly the truth, but it wasn’t exactly a lie either. Expecting a well-preserved orphanage and a sweet old lady to talk to, Jacob instead finds an empty, broken down house and an island of rude, unwilling civilians to ask for help. Relying on only a couple of clues, Jacob must explore the chilling remains of the orphanage for answers. What did Jacob’s grandfather mean by his last words? And what was the true story of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?

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