Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different


Blumenthal, Karen. Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different. New York: Feiwel and Friends, (2012).

ISBN: 978-1-250-01461-0, e-book, $6.76.

               Furnishing a timeline that consists not only of a man’s life, but the life of modern day technology, Karen Blumenthal’s biography of the late, great Steve Jobs is a brilliant telling of how what a person thinks can change lives. Building off a speech Jobs gave for a graduation ceremony at Stanford University, Blumenthal outlines Jobs’ life through three significant stories that Jobs’ himself believed told all we really needed to know about his life. From adoption, through journeys of enlightenment, to failure, and eventually success, Job is illustrated as a very driven man. In this biography Blumenthal shows just how ambitious Jobs was, how his love for technology and business was nurtured by those around him, and how he used any means necessary to push his peers to their potential. He is flawed, he has made mistakes, he has driven those closest away from him, but he was able to learn from his mistakes, swallow his pride, and provide the world with technology that most of us can no longer live without.

               I knew little about Steve Jobs before going into this reading, and I was glad to see that Blumenthal’s writing is easy to understand so that even the most technical aspects of this brilliant man’s life weren’t lost on me. These explanation that were given make me believe this book could be of interest even to those who may not have a particular interest in computers and the technology or business aspects of their splendor. I would definitely recommend it to any young adult, or any person for that matter, who sees technology as a significant part of their everyday lives. While it focuses on Jobs and, therefore, Apple, I think it gives a great summary of how modern technology has developed from the first computers to the cell phones and tablets we carry around with us now, and even the movies we find ourselves looking forward to year after year.

Apple: Think Different (Commercial, 1997)

Steve Jobs’ 1995 Stanford Commencement Address

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Interactive Timeline of Jobs’ Life

Click through a short slideshow with captions and audio companions for a quick look through what Jobs accomplished.’s Overview of Steve Jobs

Read through major moments of Steve Jobs’ life, see photos, and view a portion of his biographical documentary.

Remembering Steve Jobs

People from around the world leave messages showing their respect and thanks for everything Jobs’ provided to the world.

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